Sentient Cells — Quantum Entanglement being the culprit?

There is a wonderful book about The Sentient Cell by an evolutionary biologist. His proposal is fascinating, but I’d like to consider the potential background thesis. If cells can communicate with one another and it seems instantaneous, what if the reason for that exists solely due to the idea of a quantum network existing between every single cell in the human body?

I presuppose this, but could it be that the truth is that all of the electrons are entangled from the beginning, and each new cellular body gains that connectivity naturally in space-time and, of course, terrestrially as well as extraterrestrially (not to mention what we cannot perceive with our meager sensory organs; Electrons are constantly being generated and going through the electron transport chain within the mitochondria of cells. They may be utilizing the mechanics of quantum entanglement and teleportation of data freely between cells and potentially not just as a collective consciousness but each one individually — with that said, could we begin to control the data flow?

Quantum computing being utilized as a controlling mechanism given the proper Q# algorithms, may this technology hold the answer if it allows us to begin to control natural things at the subatomic level?… Could this be the true reason for how the cells communicate and possibly allow for consciousness on a cell-by-cell scale? A quantum network exists within every human and likely every creature, including potentially every kingdom of living beings.

Could consciousness, much like the theorized existence of quantum entanglement likely creating time itself, be solely a product of quantum mechanics? Is quantum mechanics the reason for consciousness existing? Just food for thought.

PS: What if you could tap into this “quantum field” (only analog I can think of) and create imaging and diagnostics in real-time as well as control cellular longevity, among many, many other things? Why do we need to stick wires in the brain and throughout the body if there is a way to potentially bypass it altogether, assuming there is a quantum network/consciousness existing in this situation?

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